Focus on success with your website

Good web design and development can be a significant investment. This is especially true when a website is intended to introduce a new or additional product, service or function to your customers. Sometimes when the reality of this cost sinks in, the decision is made to extend the scope of the website, in an attempt to squeeze every cent of value out of the investment.

The inherent difficult in this approach to design and development is that it almost always requires dividing the purpose of the site. This results in a fragmented site that has little clear focus and struggles to achieve any of its goals. Moreover it can frustrate users and end in a poor experience with your brand.

If you’re struggling to reconcile your project investment with your projected outcomes, the best solution is often not to divide the site’s purpose and make it do more. Rather, it is better to review your web strategy with clear and measurable goals in mind, so that you can then track your progress against those goals and measure the site’s performance (and return on investment) accurately. If you focus on the factors required for success, you will build a site that enables that success to be achieved.