Email Marketing, increasing click-through rates

A key component of any email marketing strategy involves the creation of an email template that is specifically branded and designed to support the marketing objectives of the campaign. Some possible email marketing objectives include building brand awareness, promotion or a specific call-to-action. However, there has never been a clear answer or in-depth research as to whether a button or link is the better call-to-action.

A recent article Button Vs. Links: Which Is The Call-to-Action Hero? interpreted several different online surveys and queried top online retailers in an attempt to draw conclusions between the use of buttons or links in an email. Although on initial analysis the article surveys and research seems to value links, in the end buttons used as a form of primary call-to-action gained far greater success in click-throughs in email marketing campaigns.

The article further stated that email campaigns that used buttons as the primary call-to-action; coupled with the user of links as secondary call-to-action resulted in higher click-through rates.

In addition, two key things were noted in the design of a button call-to-action, that is make sure the text on the button is HTML, this ensures that when certain email clients automatically block background images the call-to-action text is still readily visible. Secondly, never put more than two button call-to-actions within an email template design as the last thing you want to do is overwhelm and confuse the user away from your primary call-to-action.

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