Vince Scordino Team : Web Development

Developer burnout, it's a thing!

Vince Scordino Team : Web Development

Ever felt exhausted and your interest slowly diminishing? Assuming you're a developer reading this, you may have "Developer Burnout". Developers can begin to show signs and symptoms of burnout due to high stress and the many hours they work. Before it’s too late, let’s look at some signs that contribute to burnout:

Chronic Fatigue
If a developer is overtired and consuming excessive amounts of stimulants such as coffee, Redbull or V to get through the day, he or she probably has chronic fatigue.

Anger and Irritability
Many software developers do not have the opportunity to express their true feelings about a job or project. When questioned about why a late project didn’t meet requirements or expectations, the developer may snap - ouch!

Self Criticism
We all have those days when it seems like nothing is going right - I had one this week. When the stress becomes too much, a developer may feel nothing in their life is going right. The prolonged stress has started to effect the way he or she feels about themselves.

A developer may start to feel they hate the world - a common sign of burnout. One becomes negative and everyone and everything disturbs the developer.

This is one of the most common signs of burnout. Many developers over period of time develop sleeplessness. Due to prolonged work ours, the developer sleep patterns become disturbed. High stress, deadlines and over consumption of caffeine also contribute to sleeplessness. This can also lead to anxiety and weight loss! Extreme!

This symptom makes the developer seem helpless and unworthy. He or she may feel that they have no control over their lives. They feel their power is gone and they are unwanted.

Have these symptoms? ACT NOW!

Every now and then, get out, go for a walk. Gym, exercise, fresh air, BEER! Even blog writing is quite therapeutic. Take time out from time to time and say to yourself "Hey, you’re a good person!"