Database Driven Web Site

Database development is a significant part of contemporary web design and development. Web sites that contain significant functionality – such as membership profiles and dynamic personalisation – often require data-design know-how.

Numerous standard web site functions are also furnished with special mark-up languages such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language). These are stored on a file-system or database and require significant expertise to configure and build. RSS feeds, commonly known to users as an outlet that delivers regularly updated news and other dynamic content –– are a popular example of an XML application.

Database and XML technologies must work hand-in-hand to deliver the best combination of performance and functionality, and provide the ability to accommodate changes to data formats. This latter flexibility is generally achieved by XML data type definitions or schemas, whilst ‘back-end’ databases are responsible for a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ when large amounts of data must be captured and recorded for later reference or to implement complex functions to support users.

Database design and development is part and parcel of the entire software development regimen that must be undertaken to produce a working website that must provide ample sophisticated, user friendly functionality.

When chatting to a web development agency, ensure that they have talented data-design and database development specialists providing support for back-end web database implementations. They should be using industry leading database management systems such as Microsoft SQL server - and working in conjunction with seasoned web application specialists using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Wiliam is that agency – their experienced data modelling experts and SQL Server database specialists are available to furnish solutions for client web sites.

Wiliam’s leading content management system - sitedock™ - is built using the same technologies.

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