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An online trend that's hard to stomach

Bess Batterham Team : Web Operations Tags : Online Trends Social Networking

It’s called ‘Mok-bang” which is a combination of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast” and it’s just that; people are live-streaming themselves eating dinner in front of sometimes thousands of watchers. But they are no ordinary dinners,  they are consuming enough food for an army. If you’re thinking “food porn” on Instagram you may as well be comparing apples and oranges.

The most popular Mok-Bang star is a 33 year old attractive woman dubbed ‘The Diva’ who can consume twelve beef patties, twelve fried eggs, three servings of spicy pork kimchi soup and a salad in one sitting. 



The trend has been picked up by Afreeca TV, a South Korean peer-to-peer online video network similar to YouTube except that viewers can give the “Broadcast Jockeys”, virtual currency called Star Balloons. And the phase certainly brings home the bacon as The Diva claims she is making $9,300 USD a month from it.

At Wiliam we love a good feed and food in general, we have a bi-yearly International Food Day, and have tracked down pubs on a few occasions that serve ridiculously oversized meals. I think with some of the mouths in here we could create a trend of our own by streaming our gluttony.

After all, Matty Bruce’s attempt of creating a new hashtag to take off for International Food Day, or #IFD, did fail. But perhaps he was just biting off more than he could chew.


Jason, Kathleen and Simon took on the giant schnitzel challenge last year. With Jason and Simon taking home the winner winner, chicken dinner badge.

But unfortunately, not one of the Wiliam crew could finish the 1.75KG sausage challenge last month.

Proving that schnit could always be wurst.