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Wiliam Staff

Why create a Facebook home page for your site?

Fan pages have become the next big thing for small and large business, but have come with mixed reviews. Facebook has overtaken other social medias sites such as MySpace who believed Facebook wouldn’t last. But it did and now as a business owner you cant ignore the impact having a fan page will have on your business.

Some 2009 social media internet statistics

2009 was an exciting year for the internet, now the naughties are over and its time to review some of the greatest hits of 2009.

Roslyn Zolandor

Why you should use a bookmarking and sharing service on your website

AddThis is one of several bookmarking and sharing services you can use for your website. Basically instead of placing the icons on your website and linking to the ever-changing bookmarking and sharing service it does it for you. 10 advantages of using the AddThis service over doing it yourself.

Robert Beerworth

What Can You Learn from

The upcoming presidential election in the United States is the first since Web 2.0 technologies have become widely used. Although both candidates have embraced these features, Barack Obama’s online success has been unprecedented.

Wiliam Staff

Should You Consider Social Bookmarking Links?

Is social bookmarking more than just a convenient way to access your bookmarks from any computer or can it be harnessed to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site?

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