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Mark Greenwood

Standard Video Sizes

Hunting around for an answer to “what size should our videos be?”

Different formats of online video streaming

There are many different ways to stream online video. There are also many different file formats. Which ones are best and why?

There are two types of streaming media (live and archived)

Continuing on from my last blog about why you should be including video as part of your online marketing strategy today we will look at the different types of streaming you could do. I’m always excited when a client asks about video streaming and the options that can be used.

Streaming Video VS Progressive Downloading

With recent research proving that video has three times the conversion rate to that of standard advertising and online content (DoubleClick 2009), video is not only steadily rising – it is drastically improving user experiences and engagement online.

Bess Batterham

If You Want To Be Famous Just Use Youtube

Who needs Idol or Australia’s Got Talent when in this day and age anybody can become an instant celebrity thanks to Youtube.

The power of video marketing, a look at BlendTec

Have you ever considered using online video as a form of marketing for your products or services? Most people have at one point or another, yet most will fail to ever put their ideas into reality.

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