Brainstorming a Viral Flash Game

Creating a viral flash game to inspire and attract players demands imagination, technological savvy, and spirit.
The brainstorming team will include the customer’s representative, who should have the goals for the game clearly in mind.  Other team members commonly include; a project manager, the lead game developer who is skilled in building Flash games, additional programmers, and illustrators.

The first step in building a successful game it to define its objectives. Will the game feature a brand or product? Will it build community? Primary success criteria must be defined from the customer’s perspective, usually in concert with the developer’s past experience.

The second step is figure out the game’s format. Viral Flash Games can be created in a growing variety of possibilities. General possibilities includearcade, adventure, or educational/trivia types. From there are even more choices, like first-person shooter, puzzles, sports, or role-playing games.

One of the most effective ways to brainstorm format is to research the Internet for examples. Create a pool of games that illustrate different points; those that resonate for their style, popularity, animation, or quality. From these, a model will emerge.

The next step is to get to the heart of the matter and brainstorm a game’s conceptualization. Team members work together tocreate the storyboard and sketch the game. The level of detail needed varies, but the result will be a roughed-out version of the game that the technical team will use to create the code.

These three brainstorming phases begin the process of building a popular and successful Viral Flash Game.