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Blogging hits the mainstream

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

The power of blogging is now set to reach the mainstream press with the launch of BlogBurst, a blog syndication service from tech company Pluck.

As reported in Australian IT (April 10 2006) the BlogBurst service  which has alread signed up publishers such as Gannett, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman and San Antonio Express, allows newspaper publishers to provide expert commentry on areas where they may not have dedicated staff.

Jeff Jarvis, the former TV Guide media critic turned blogger (, said he doubts whether paid syndication of blogs works, but believes that newspapers are moving in the right direction by featuring bloggers.

"The lines between the mainstream media and the rest of the world will start to blur, not because people (bloggers) are joining the mainstream media, but because of the opposite effect: the mainstream media rejoins the people," Mr Jarvis said.