Blog RSS Feed Reader for Facebook

A few months ago, Wiliam developed our first Facebook Application, called the Blog RSS Feed Reader. The application in many ways has allowed us to test and learn about the Facebook platform and determine if our clients would use Facebook to engage their customers. Our application has over 10,000 users and continues to attract hundreds of new users every day.

We’ve also developed an application for Foxtel’s TV show Gossip Girl, as well as half a dozen other applications that are currently in development. Apart from our developers learning more and more about the capabilities of the FBML ( Facebook Markup Language), Facebook themselves are continually enhancing the platform.

So this week we’ve taken advantage of some of Facebook’s recent changes to the platform and released version 2 of Blog RSS Feed Reader. Version 2 includes the ability to add multiple feeds, test how they are going to look, the option to present the feeds in different configurations and the ability to use the applications on Facebook Pages as well as profiles. We’ve also widened the amount of different RSS and XML formats which work as well as totally redesigning the user interface.

If you use Facebook and want to promote your website, company website or blog on your profile of page, then install our free
Blog RSS Feed Reader.