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BBC News launches world`s largest online marketing campaign

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

New Media Age is reporting this morning that the BBC in the UK will shortly be undertaking one of the world’s largest online marketing campaigns ever to promote their website


The campaign and will use live RSS Feeds from the BBC news site and link them in with Instant Messenger services such as MSN Messenger and ICQ. The concept is that if an important news article is published, it will immediately be featured in the rich media ads.


The six month campaign, called News for a non-stop world, will promote the news site to customers across Western Europe and the US - two of the biggest international markets for


It's being aimed at a group the BBC has dubbed the "inquisitives" who go online at work for short bursts of time, with traditional banner ads, rich media overlays and integration into instant messaging (IM) applications.


"Aimless surfing is a thing of the past," said Alan Booth, controller of marketing at BBC World Service. "People go online for a purpose - they are inquisitive to find information, learn about the latest news or catch up on a story."


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