Australian Political Blogging and the Benefits

In the past 6 months Wiliam web design (Sydney) has noticed a trend amongst Australian politicians. Many have come to realise the benefits of blogging and Web 2.0 technologies. Why is that?

It seems that many Australian Politicians have watched the success of American Political Blogs and are seeing  it as an effective Web 2.0 technique to reach out to voters, stirring emotions that trigger them to vote favourably.

Furthermore they are beginning to understand the benefits of using their website as a communication tool to maintain an on-going relationship with its supporters. In addition they realise that a Web 2.0 optimise website will reach and influence the internet savvy, generation Y market through social networking and social media techniques.

In light of the many enquiries contacts Wiliam web design has been receiving in relation to political blogging and political websites, this article provides a brief insight into the benefits and techniques behind political websites.

Firstly, political blogging and websites were prominent during the US elections and the article Australian Politicians Go Online, details Australian politicians have recently recognised  the benefits of political blogging and its usefulness for the upcoming elections.

Benefits of Political Blogging

  • Political blogs can be highly optimised for search, allowing them to rate highly in research and discussion on social and political issues. Users searching socio/political issues will find relevant blogs.
  • Blogging shifts the focus from the author to the message (content); users are interested in the issues behind Murray River and Refugees, not the politician or party. Users search for messages (content), not authors.
  • Blogs are honest, direct, informative, conversational and cut out spin; in turn, the general public are more likely to read them and respect them.

Real Success Stories

  • is a great example of how innovative, simple and social networking techniques applied effectively can reach, motivate and encourage the general population to interact and take action upon political issues.
  • Andrew Barlett is one of the few Australian Politicans that have truly grasp the potential of the web with his first blog starting in August 2004.

Wiliam web design has had significant experience in creating blogs which are highly optimised for search engines. Wiliam’s specific knowledge in creating Web 2.0 websites allow it to advise strategically the necessary social media and social networking techniques to be applied in order to create successful political blogs and political websites.