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Android Wear is here and now

So Su Team : Web Development Tags : Technology Mobile Technology

Google has revealed their operating system (OS) for wearable devices, Android Wear.

Android Wear is cool

Initially aimed at smart watches, the OS looks very much they’ve striped the standard Android OS to run just Google Now. But apparently they’ve drawn from the work they’ve done with Google Glass. Watch the video and see it in (potential) action!

Google have signed up Samsung, HTC, Asus and LG.

Motorola have already announced the Moto 360 which will be running on this platform. Smart watches have been around for ages, but they never really taken off. But with so many big players, there’s bound to be some very interesting developments in this market.

My first thoughts in relation to smart watches was:

How lazy are you that you won’t reach into your pocket and pull out your phone?

But after some deeper thinking, there are actually many times when I am out of arms reach of or cannot reach for my phone (like when I’m gardening or bicycling).

So after watching the video, I’m actually excited that this technology will be available soon. The watches themselves are sleek and modern, sexy even. Something I wouldn’t be afraid to wear for fear of ridicule (like this poor soul and her Google Glass).

The functions it provide are enough of an added convenience to daily life that it might be worthwhile to have one.

Even more exciting than the concept video is that they’ve released their developer preview. It will be very interesting to see what apps emerge from this venture. After all, there are things the smart watch will be able to do that the smart phone cannot. Some prime examples include swimming and continuous heart rate monitoring. Well? Get downloading and start bashing out some code!