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All sites should be designed as mobile sites

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design Tags : Web Design Mobile Web

Recently while searching for holiday accommodation I accessed ‘Trip Advisor’ on my mobile phone. The steps to search were very simple; I got to what I wanted (price, location and date availability) very quickly, without distraction. At the same time my wife was on a desktop computer searching the same website. I went over to see what she found and I couldn't focus, the amount of distractions and superfluous detail on the page frustrated me. The mobile site was definitely superior - it allowed me to find what I wanted minus the excess, making the experience all together more pleasant.


So why don't we design websites like they are a mobile site? Can we adopt the same information architecture we use when designing mobile sites. Obviously not all desktop websites can be so pared back, but the majority can. In an age of information overload, adopting a minimalist or Less is More approach is key.

Here are some minimalist site examples to inspire and relax you.