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Advantages of using live chat on your website

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : Web Development e-commerce

If you have an e-commerce site the question of utilising live chat is inevitably going to be asked. There is no doubt that Live chat is a big commitment which involves a lot of time and effort so the question remains is it worth it? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and how do you make it work for your particular business?

Live chat creates a sense of security 

Live chat creates a sense of security for the user that cannot be replicated. It re-enforces to your customers that there is human contact available should they require it. In a lot of circumstances majority of your users who have chosen to purchase as a result of live chat being available will never use it, but find comfort knowing it is there. Internet scammers and endless poorly managed e-commerce sites have produced a lot of untrusting and sceptical customers, the absence of live chat on your site could potentially give them a reason not to proceed with the transaction; you want to eliminate all of these reasons.
Live chat’s spontaneity means hours will not be spent trawling through email correspondence making it easier for you and your customers to communicate quickly and efficiently. Chatting in real time can mean helping your customers with purchasing decisions, with the potential for you to recommend bundled products or services. 

Is the cost of live chat worth it?

The cost of installing a chat on your site is relatively low and could mean the difference between an abandoned cart and a successful purchase. At the end of the day e-commerce is all about building trust with your clients and establishing and maintaining long- lasting relationships. Live chat will contribute to a major part of building these client relationships, along with allowing you to multi-task (compared to phone conversations) and give your users more reason to transact, which is what e-commerce is all about.