Addressable VS Non Addressable Marketing Channels

When putting together an online marketing strategy for a client recently, I was asked to discuss what channels we would be looking at for their online branding campaign.

In the past, branding was an exercise of just getting your product or service in front of as many eyeballs as possible and ideally working hard to ensure that those eyeballs were in your target market.

Now it is all about accountability of marketing spend, what will be the ROI? What can we expect to get from this?

To help split the potential options, we segmented the marketing options available via addressable and non addressable marketing activities.

Non addressable marketing activities utilise traditional outlets where the marketing message is delivered to whoever happens to be listening or watching and those individuals are not identifiable. Examples of this include TV, Radio, Print, Product Placement and In store displays.

Addressable marketing activities however are more accountable for the money that is allocated towards them. Addressable channels speak directly to individual prospects. As a result, we have the ability to tailor the message to each individual, prompt them to purchase, prompt them to engage and as a result directly measure their response and in turn the effectiveness of the marketing budget. Examples of addressable marketing include; Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Call Centre Marketing, Mobile Devices, Direct Mail and more.

These addressable marketing activities are quickly becoming the standard in Australia. Performance marketing via affiliate marketing, behavioral targeting via major publishers, EDM lists that allow drilldowns to postcodes and user details – they are all quickly becoming the most popular form of marketing for major media buyers and planners.

If you are interested in developing your online marketing strategy further, Wiliam’s client marketing team are available – we are constantly pushing the boundaries for our clients and enjoy a challenge, so get in contact with us.