Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

Treat mobile users differently to your desktop users

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

As mobile device take-up increases (3 billion mobile devices by 2017 worldwide), the more we require websites that are designed and built for use on both desktop and mobile. However there are some things to consider before you invest time and money into your website / mobile solution.

Things to consider

1. Do you have analytics that show visitors from mobile devices? If the answer is no then wait; the analytics will provide you with good data showing what devices your users are coming from and you can plan for future accordingly.

2. Are you a startup business? If yes then again wait. Test your desktop solution with your audience before committing to a mobile solution. Also read this three-tips-for-startups

3. Your desktop and mobile experience doesn’t have to be the same. For example, if you’re a small business consider what a user be looking for when visiting your mobile site? Your Address? Your phone number? Product range? Once you have the answer design your mobile site with these elements first.


Example of good desktop / mobile sites