Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

Timeless design

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

The idea of timeless design, in particular product / car design, has been a constant. However in modern web design it’s hard to imagine timeless characteristics as we are slaves to trends and technology. Maybe though, we can achieve timeless design with the guidance of product and car design.

1. Make the content the hero.

(Left) - Braun heroes the content by emphasising the numbers rather than ornaments.

2. Remove unnecessary noise from the design.

(Left) - Mercedes has minimised certain aspects (the gear in particular ) to hero important dashboard elements. The difference between the 2 interfaces are massive.

3. Concentrate the energy on UX (User Experience).

(Left) - Braun again has removed the noise and concentrated on what is important, in this case for the user to listen to the radio. Removing unnecessary elements streamlines the User Experience.

4. Allow the design to evolve.

Without the loss of identity Mercedes has accomplished what most haven’t and that is to evolve the design to maintain currency while maintaining a timeless aesthetic.