Roslyn Zolandor Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Business Corporate Blogging

5 Things to Blog About on Your Company’s Site

Roslyn Zolandor Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Business Corporate Blogging

Company Blogs walk that fine line between needing the accuracy of a press release and the informal tone of an interview. This pressure can cause a serious bout of writer’s block. But a blog can’t be stalled - in order for it to be effective it must have fresh content.

Here are some ideas for blog posts.

  1. Read the news. Many professional bloggers have news feeders dropping all the news on particular topics into their email boxes each day. Blog posts responding to topical news can help establish a company’s “voice” as an industry leader.

  2. Define the Widget. In every industry there is vernacular relating its the specific parts, actions, and concepts. Take the time to educate readers and potential customers on these, adding in a bit of history that might enlighten even a seasoned pro.

  3. Explain the Issues. A plumber once devoted a week’s worth of posts to discussing the controversy of copper vs. PVC. Every profession has its industry battles, and customers are interested to learn what’s at their root and how it may relate to their own decisions.

  4. The Miniature Green Paper. A post, or series of posts, that frames an industry discussion. These are written with the intention to stimulate conversation, with your company as a leader in understanding the debate.

  5. Tell a Story. Anecdotes can be a powerful tonic, and can help make a company seem approachable and comfortable to relate to. The trick is to make sure that anecdotes never portray the company or any customer in a bad light and that there is an underlying positive message.

These anecdotes can include experiences from industry conferences, employee achievements, and even humorous reminiscences. For example, a boating company once told a great story of how, during a big flood, the employees at one of their showrooms hauled the display boats out to the waterlogged street and started them up to assist in rescue efforts.