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5 little known facts about Google

Bess Batterham Team : Web Operations Tags : Technology Google

5facts a Youtube channel that, you guessed it, post videos which share five surprising facts on a variety of topics, from GOT to Minecraft, recently educated me on five facts you probably didn’t know about the almighty Google.

While the video was not exactly something I’d call cool and enjoyable, the facts themselves were very cool. Check it;

1. Death Benefit

If a Google employee dies, his or her spouse will receive half their annual wage for 10 years.

2. Home Page Change

The Google homepage has gone through many iterations over the years, and the reason its design was so plain at the start is because the founders didn’t know HTML.

The Google logo wasn’t even centered on the page until 2001.

But it has certainly come a long way since then, as one of my colleagues found out today that when it is your birthday, Google will  change their logo into birthday cakes for you! Not to mention the hundreds of interactive Google logos they’ve had during the FIFA World Cup.

3. Black Out

In 2013 Google suffered a blackout that took down all of its servers for 5 minutes. According to analysts the outage caused Global Internet Traffic to drop a massive 40%.

4.Nerd Pride

Employees at Google are called Googlers and new employees at Google are called Nooglers. No joke.

5. Internet Snowflakes

I think this last one is especially impressive myself. A significant 15% of Goolge searches that happen each day have never been searched before. Which in my opinion takes the focus away from all the weird things people may be searching but makes you think about how much the world is constantly changing. 


The link to the video is here if you would like a watch, though you have been warned. But then again, people have all different types of senses of humour. Actually, ten different types according to when I Googled "how many different senses of humours are there".

Hmm, I wonder if that search will make the 15% of phrases for the day that have never been asked before.