4 Things to Consider When Delivering Online Video Content

Online video content offers great opportunities for companies to deliver to users a rewarding and engaging experience. With the continual uptake of broadband users it is a known fact that online video streaming and online video viewing will continue to rise.

A recent article ‘The seamless video experience: how it’s possible’ outlined important considerations for publishers and content providers to consider when delivering online video content. The top 4 things outline in the article have been discussed below.

Automatic bandwidth checking
Before delivering the online video content, it is important for the service provider to detect the bandwidth of an individual user. This ensures that a user will have an optimal viewing experience with no hesitation of video content because the file being streamed is too large for the bandwidth.

Auto pausing of video
Provide users with the ability to auto pause streaming videos as soon as another area is clicked. It often frustrates users as they view an online video and a click on a link will open up a pop up which will overlay the current video that is continuously playing.

Failsafe delivery option
It is always safe to have at least two content delivery networks, so in such circumstance that content delivery network A fails, there will be content delivery network B available. This ensures that users are provided with a service that has a high delivery and satisfaction rate.

Content and relevance are the more important things to consider in delivering online video content. Most users rate a rewarding and quality experience a relevant one. Therefore it is important to ensure delivered video content is relevant. It is even suggested to go as far as understanding a users geographic location and timezone in order to deliver the most relevant content.

Most important in when considering delivering online video content is the overall user experience. The thing listed above all contribute to subtleties that make a user the experience rewarding and encourages user to return to your service.